May Day Special | Salute to All Frontline Employees of Herun!

May Day Labor Day is approaching This is our offer to all front-line employees. A moment of tribute and thanks They are the backbone of the factory Dedicated to our production line. Countless sweat and effort

Herun general manager office | Do a Good Job in Staff Care and Gather Herun's Strong Joint Force

From a small trade department to the current production bases at home and abroad, the rapid development of Herun has benefited from the value creation of a large number of outstanding talents of the company, as well as its advanced talent concept.

"Mao" is full of energy, and then start a new journey | and run start!

On January 31, the 10th day of the first month was good, and Herun Stone Industry welcomed the first day of construction. The company distributed red envelopes to all employees!

National Day | Born under the national flag and growing in the spring breeze

30 September Facing the light of the sun And run stone industry departments held "I take a picture with the flag" National Day Theme Activities

Herun September birthday | warm as scheduled

The golden autumn of September is charming and affectionate. One year old, one gift, one inch of joy. Herun Stone Industry Staff Birthday Meeting in September 2022 arrived as scheduled In the name of birth, go to the golden autumn harvest appointment

Send Acacia Thousands of Miles | Herun Sends Moon Cakes to Distant Families of Employees

Time is full of moon, flavor words autumn sweet. On September 8, The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, And Runshi distributed mooncakes to all employees.

To be no. 1 | and run to 11 children of employees admitted to the ideal university scholarships

In order to promote the group's corporate culture, increase the sense of belonging and loyalty of the group's employees, further promote the harmony of employees' families, and encourage employees to cultivate outstanding students. At the beginning of the school year, Huang Qingda, chairman of Runshi Industry, joined hands with several senior executives to award scholarships to the immediate family members of employees who have achieved excellent results in the 2022 summer college entrance examination and have been admitted to the university, and sent the company's care and blessing to the employees' families.