Mentality Determines Destiny | and Run Eagle Plan Phase 3 has started!

Before the training began, President Huang presented prizes to Liang Feifei, the first individual points in the "altruistic thinking" course, and the champion team Mars team. Then, start the new course. The content of this training is mainly around the theme of "mentality determines fate. During the training, President Huang combined his own personal experience with theoretical knowledge, and adopted various forms such as interesting questions and answers to give speeches in simple terms, vivid images, and humorous, so that the students can deeply understand the profound life philosophy of "mentality determines fate.

Herun Eagle Plan Phase 3 starts!

The Eagle Program aims to cultivate engineering elites who understand business, can produce, communicate well and can stand alone. Choosing to start the class on this special day on the eve of the Army's Day, I also hope that our eagles of China Resources can learn from the Chinese People's Liberation Army, learn from the noble qualities of soldiers, have a sense of mission, perseverance, be strong and courageous, and take responsibility. Team spirit and fighting spirit.

I take a photo with the party flag | to present the centennial birthday of the communist party of China

A flag reflects the beginning of the heart, a red heart forever to the party. In order to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party, and run stone industry to carry out the "I and the party flag together" activities, multi-angle, multi-angle, multi-level lens to record the wishes for the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, understanding the original mission, firm determination to struggle.

And run stone industry "welcome the dragon boat festival, forge ahead together" 3V3 staff basketball match

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote physical and mental health, enhance friendship, and show the spirit of tenacious struggle and unity and forge ahead, on June 11, Herun Shiye held the 3V3 staff basketball match of "welcoming the Dragon Boat Festival and striving together" at the Xiadian basketball court. and runshi industry chairman huang qingda watched the game.

He Runshi Industry Launching Anti-Fraud Law Popularization Activities

In order to enhance employees' awareness of the rule of law to prevent telecom fraud, online gambling and game gambling, Herun Stone recently invited Zhang Jiangcheng, a staff member of Shuitou Anti-Fraud Center, to conduct an anti-fraud and anti-fraud learning meeting for Herun employees.

Welcome home! Chen Wujian, Heron Hero of Portugal for 15 Months ~

In 2020, a sudden epidemic broke the original tranquility. Flight cancellations or delays, as well as frequent news of the spread of the epidemic, so that many foreign buyers increasingly worried about going abroad will not come back, have chosen to stay in the country, which makes the main import stone trade stone enterprises suddenly panic. If you do not continue to purchase abroad, this means that domestic factories will face the dilemma of "no rice in the pot. At this critical juncture, Herun Warrior and Purchasing Manager Chen Wujian bravely chose to go the other way. On January 31, he boarded a flight to Portugal.

Small wish big meet! And run stone industry for employees to achieve birthday wish list!

To reflect the company's employees' Humanized management and care And in this way to enhance the staff of the company. Identity and sense of belonging And run stone industry special to the majority of employees Extensive collection of birthday wishes And in line with the principle of landing A list of employees' birthday wishes was drawn up.

And run stone industry to carry out the 38 festival warmth gift activities

Every goddess who strives for and cultivates the stone industry, you have worked hard! In the family, it is not only a filial daughter, daughter-in-law, a virtuous wife, and a loving mother; in the workplace, it is also a vigorous and professional expert. You have propped up and run "half the sky" with practical actions "!