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Focus on all kinds of natural stone production, processing, sales, installation, with large-scale, standardized all kinds of marble slabs, exterior wall granite, special-shaped, carving, cylinder and all kinds of interior, hardcover, luxury, mosaic and other deep processing capabilities

600 +

Company employees

400 +

Key processing equipment

200000 + m³


400 ten thousand+ m²

Annual Sales

Herun Stone Industry is located in Nan'an City, Fujian Province, the "Stone City of the World". The company was founded in 2005, adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, customer first", focusing on the production, processing, sales and installation of all kinds of natural stone,Standardized all kinds of marble slabs, exterior wall granite, special-shaped, carved, cylindrical and all kinds of interior, hardcover, luxury, mosaic and other deep processing capabilities;From the procurement of reserves, production and processing, sales and installation on the formation of a complete stone industry supply chain.

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production base

Shuitou, shijing, Guanqiao, Tianjin, Chongqing and Egypt have established 8 production bases and set up overseas procurement points.

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Production Equipment

The main production equipment are imported from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, forming a complete product structure.

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Sales strength

With annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan, it has been awarded the title of "Star Enterprise" by Nanan Municipal People's Government for many years in a row.

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Team Strength

The company has more than 600 employees, including more than 180 excellent management, marketing services, design and development and other professional and technical personnel.

Main varieties

The company controls many beige series mines at home and abroad

Mine resources

The company controls many beige series mines at home and abroad

Mine resources

Product variety
Deep processing capabilities for large marble slabs, exterior wall granite, special shapes, sculptures, columns, and various types of interior decoration, fine decoration, luxury decoration, parquet, etc.

Product variety

Marble slabs, exterior granite, special shapes, sculptures, columns

Product variety

Main varieties

mine resources

The company controls many beige series mines at home and abroad.

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Product Variety

Large marble slabs, exterior wall granite, special-shaped, carved, cylindrical

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Engineering case

Guiyang Flower Orchard

The Flower Orchard Project is located in the center of Guiyang. The total planning area of the project is 10 square kilometers, the total investment of the project is 100 billion yuan, and the total construction area is 18.3 million square meters. It is a large-scale urban complex integrating residence, commerce, art and culture, business office, tourism and intelligent life services. With its rich architectural style and the use of Portuguese beige stone, the flower orchard has become a landmark of life aesthetics in Guiyang. The dance between the natural light and shadow emitted by the Portuguese beige stone gives the whole building a vivid and varied beauty. Under the sunlight, the texture and texture of the stone are more prominent, as if the light and shadow on the earth are interlaced, adding a mystery and charm to the building.

Engineering stone: Portugal beige

Xiamen Genting Manor

Genting Manor perfectly combines the architectural form of European manor with the ritual order of oriental family. As a 100-million-yuan manor community in southern China, Xiamen Yunding Manor won the "Most Inherited Value Manor Award of the Year" in 2014, and won the "Best of the Year" together with luxury brands such as Rolls Rouse Phantom, Gulfstream G550 business plane, Breguet and Patek Philippe. This is also the first time that properties in southern Fujian have entered the list.

Engineering stone: Portugal beige

Private Villas in Cebu Island, Philippines

YY HOUSE, the first home in Southeast Asia to receive LEED certification. 2023 Architecture Award: Best Contemporary Residential Design Project in 2023 (Cebu)

Stone used in the project: white sand beige, Portuguese ash, Guizhou wood grain

Xinjiang Vanke Hidden House

Vanke Hidden House is the culmination of Vanke’s 14 years of deep cultivation in Xinjiang. It is an epic villa-level house built by Xinjiang Vanke around the creative concept of mountains as its veins and the Luzang Garden. It is also the first international WELL certification project in Xinjiang. Vanke Hermitage conducts a contemporary exploration of the oriental hermitage culture, "seclusion in the cottage, at ease in the heart", making the "seclusion" culture "alive" in the hearts of the Chinese people. At the same time, it also interprets modern texture to perfection, and achieves a balance between "people, architecture, and nature". The Vanke Hidden House project uses a variety of high-quality stone materials in the interior design, including green jade, Bulgarian gray and Chinese black, giving the building a unique texture and taste. Through the ingenious use of these three kinds of stone materials, the Vanke Hidden House project not only demonstrates an international concept of life, but also retains the most valuable part of the traditional Chinese lifestyle, which is in line with people's pursuit of high-quality residences that return to hidden luxury. And together.

Materials: green jade, Bulgarian gray, Chinese black

Urumqi Vanke Jinhuli

Stone used in the project: ancient wood grain, Australian gray, elegant white

Xi'an International Silk Road Garden Hotel

Xi'an International Silk Road Garden Hotel is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi'an. It is a luxury garden hotel built to international standards. The hotel adheres to the concept of "inheriting millennium culture and leading future life" and is committed to providing guests with first-class accommodation experience and distinguished services. Italian Roman travertine is a high-end interior material that is widely used in Xi'an International Silk Road Garden Hotel. The material is made of finely processed natural travertine, with a surface as smooth as a mirror, a delicate texture, and a rich retro charm. Travertine comes in a variety of colors, from light yellow to deep red, and can be customized according to design needs. In Xi'an International Silk Road Garden Hotel, Italian Roman Travertine perfectly blends with the surrounding environment, bringing guests a unique visual enjoyment. Travertine is used in public areas such as the lobby, restaurants, and conference rooms, as well as in the interiors of some guest rooms. Under the sunlight, the colors of the travertine become more brilliant, contrasting with the surrounding green plants and waterscapes, forming a beautiful picture.

Engineering stone: Italy Rome cave stone

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