Thinking determines income | and Run Eagle Plan Phase 4 takes you to change!

At the beginning of the class, under the leadership of President Huang, everyone on the scene passionately sang the passionate "National Anthem" to express their deep affection for the motherland's fist and admiration for the revolutionary martyrs.

Your birthday, we always remember!

Since the start of the "Hundred Days War" with Runshi at the end of May, Runshi has entered the wartime sprint state with one heart and one mind, striving for the annual strategic goal. In the hot summer, in order to achieve the common goal, the family members of Hourun sweat in their respective posts under the scorching sun.

Welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, Battle for the Future | and Runshi Industry Held Staff Basketball Tournament

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the company's employees, unite their efforts, and show their positive and courageous spirit of fighting, and Runshi held a special "Welcome the Dragon Boat Festival and Fight for the Future" employee basketball match, and members of various departments responded positively.

War Mode | He Run "4 9" Legion to the End

Under the influence of the epidemic, the performance of the real estate market in the past two years is not optimistic. As the downstream industry of real estate, the stone industry has also shown a more intense competition. How to resolve the crisis, go on the road to success, and break through the bottleneck restricting the development of the enterprise itself has become an urgent problem for stone enterprises.

Celebrate May 1 and welcome May 4 | and run stone industry to carry out tug-of-war and other series of activities

As the "May 1st" International Labor Day and the "May 4th" Youth Day are approaching, in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance the cohesion of employees, stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and enterprising employees, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between departments and employees, To create a united, harmonious and positive atmosphere for the company, and Runshi Industry launched a series of activities to "celebrate May 1st and welcome the May 4th Movement.

And run the queen's day | spring breeze ten miles less than you!

On Women's Day, giving holiday gifts and blessings to female employees is the tradition of Herun Stone Industry and an important part of the company's humanistic care.

Cohesion and Strength Breakthrough of Self | and Group Construction of Large Marketing Department of Runshi Industry in 2022

Life is more than just living in front of you. Poetry and distance. Who said that work can only be limited to the company and home 2.1 line In fact, there are also group building activities that can be said to be on the go.

Commencement of Work | 2022, and Run People "Full Tiger Force"

Say goodbye to 2021 and greet 2022. After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday, the senior management of Herun, who returned to work again, were in high spirits. In a state of passion, they sent good wishes for the new year to the employees of Herun, as well as the benefits of starting work.