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Event | Herun Stone Industry 2024 Strategic Expansion Meeting

8 December to 10 December And Run Stone Industry 2024 Strategic Expansion Conference. Held in Changtai, Zhangzhou Huang Qingda Chairman With all executives and business elites participated in this meeting together

[Herun Project] Guiyang Yueshan Lake Villa

Yueshan Lake Villa, located in Guiyang City, is a comprehensive private project integrating high-end customized villas, resort hotels and business clubs. It is one of the landmark buildings in Guiyang City. As the head product of Guiyang property market, Yueshan Lake Villa is well-deserved. Since its launch, Yueshan Lake has been firmly occupying the throne of high-end residential buildings in Guizhou. Relying on 400 acres of native lakes and 2000 acres of native mountain forests, Yueshan Lake has become a well-deserved high-net-worth population settlement.

Exhibition | The 23rd China (Nanan) Shuitou International Stone Expo and Stone Design Week Successfully Concluded

The global "stone world", across the mountains and the sea, gathered in Nan'an, and "stone" to advance. The 23rd China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo and Stone Design Week and the 7th China (Nan'an) Pan-Home Theme Week ended successfully today.

Xi Bao | and Run Stone Industry Won the Honorary Title of "Quanzhou City-level Industry Leading Enterprise in 2023"

In order to further play the leading role of leading enterprises and promote leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger, Quanzhou Bureau of industry and information technology recently issued the list of leading enterprises in Quanzhou municipal industry in 2023, with 355 enterprises on the list.

The battle will win | and run stone industry "autumn (X) battle oath conference"

The golden and iron horses hear the drums of war and seize the hour to start their journey. In order to unify the consensus, clarify the goal, and make every effort to sprint the year-end business plan, on the afternoon of the 24th, he run stone held the "autumn real (X) battle oath meeting". Huang Qingda, chairman of Herun Stone Industry, gathered together with all the senior executives and salesmen to sound the clarion call of sprint with fearless spirit and high morale, vowing to ensure the achievement of performance.

Herun Star | Herun Stone Industry Held 2023 Trade Center Third Quarter Awards Ceremony

Autumn in October, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. The third quarter award ceremony of the 2023 trade center of Herun stone industry was held in Herun No.2 factory. Huang Qingda, chairman of Herun Stone Industry, attended the grand event with all the middle and high-level officials and award-winning personnel.