Dragon Boat Festival Ankang | Zongzi Gift

As an ancient Chinese traditional festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is an affectionate and warm festival, but also a day full of laughter and delicious food aroma. This year's Dragon Boat Festival, and run canteen for all the family brought a special surprise: Dragon Boat Festival dumplings.

And run stone industry continued to be rated as "2022-2023 Nan'an City Private Industrial Leading Enterprise"

In order to promote the smooth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city by industry in Nan'an City and promote the high-quality development of the city's economy, the Nan'an Municipal Government recently issued the ''Nan'an Municipal People's Government on Identifying 91 Enterprises including Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom Co., Ltd. as 2022-2023 Decisions of Leading Private Industrial Enterprises. According to the decision, Fujian Herun Stone Industry Co., Ltd. was selected as the leading private industrial enterprise in Nan'an City, which further highlights Herun's leading position and market influence in the stone industry.

Youth is creating the future together at that time | and Runshi held the May 4th Fun Games.

On May 4, Herun Stone launched an interesting sports meeting with the theme of "Youth at the right time, creating the future together. In this activity, there are four teams with 10 people/teams, including Runying Team 1 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Trade, Herun Hardcover Team 1, Herun Datanrunrun Team 1 and Runhua Team 1.

May Day Special | Salute to All Frontline Employees of Herun!

May Day Labor Day is approaching This is our offer to all front-line employees. A moment of tribute and thanks They are the backbone of the factory Dedicated to our production line. Countless sweat and effort

Putian and Nanan New Order Union Learning Exchange Group Enters Nanan New Order Union Chairman Unit and Runshi Industry

In March, everything is new. After visiting the Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall in Shijing Town, Putian and Nanan New Order Union Exchange and Learning Group (hereinafter referred to as "the two exchange groups") came to Nanan New Order Union President Unit and Runshi Industry to visit and hold a symposium on the two new orders.

Herun general manager office | Do a Good Job in Staff Care and Gather Herun's Strong Joint Force

From a small trade department to the current production bases at home and abroad, the rapid development of Herun has benefited from the value creation of a large number of outstanding talents of the company, as well as its advanced talent concept.

"Mao" is full of energy, and then start a new journey | and run start!

On January 31, the 10th day of the first month was good, and Herun Stone Industry welcomed the first day of construction. The company distributed red envelopes to all employees!

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