War Mode | He Run "4 9" Legion to the End

Under the influence of the epidemic, the performance of the real estate market in the past two years is not optimistic. As the downstream industry of real estate, the stone industry has also shown a more intense competition. How to resolve the crisis, go on the road to success, and break through the bottleneck restricting the development of the enterprise itself has become an urgent problem for stone enterprises.

The CPPCC set up the "stage" and the members sang the "leading role". The new CPPCC members of Nanan City contacted the mass activity room and settled in the Runshi industry.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the contact mass activity room for members of the Nan'an New-rank CPPCC was officially inaugurated in Herun Shiye. Huang Chunyi, leader of the Nan'an CPPCC, Hong Zhiyong, deputy secretary of the Shuitou Town Party Committee, and representatives of the new-rank CPPCC and some CPPCC members attended the unveiling ceremony.

Celebrate May 1 and welcome May 4 | and run stone industry to carry out tug-of-war and other series of activities

As the "May 1st" International Labor Day and the "May 4th" Youth Day are approaching, in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance the cohesion of employees, stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and enterprising employees, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between departments and employees, To create a united, harmonious and positive atmosphere for the company, and Runshi Industry launched a series of activities to "celebrate May 1st and welcome the May 4th Movement.

Zhuang Guoyang, chairman of the Nan'an CPPCC, and his party went to Herun Stone to investigate and guide the resumption of work and production.

On the morning of the 20th, Nan'an CPPCC party secretary, chairman Zhuang Guoyang and his party to visit and run stone industry three factories, field inspection of the production and operation of enterprises, to understand the recovery of production capacity, labor demand, production and operation, product sales and other circumstances, research and guide enterprises to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and resume production. City CPPCC Standing Committee, and run stone industry chairman Huang Qingda accompanied.

Warm "epidemic" line | and run stone industry condolences to the quarantine point epidemic prevention personnel.

The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility. In the battle of epidemic prevention and control, the staff of the centralized medical isolation observation point in Shuitou Town have always adhered to the front line, escorted the health and safety of the general public, and won the unanimous gratitude of people from all walks of life.

War "epidemic" behind the "late-night canteen" | and run for 16 consecutive days for the front-line anti-epidemic personnel to send "energy meal"

In recent days There are countless figures active in the front line of the epidemic. They go ahead into this battle without smoke And run stone industry is also fully involved in it...

Huang Qingda, Chairman of Herun Stone Industry, supports epidemic prevention and control in Hong Kong and Quanzhou.

Quanzhou outbreak, epidemic prevention supplies shortage. On March 22, Huang Qingda, chairman of Herun Stone Industry, took the initiative to contact the epidemic prevention department of Shuitou Town and donated epidemic prevention materials to Shuitou, donating a total of 12000 N95 masks, 1000 isolation gowns and 1000 masks to support the prevention and control of Shuitou epidemic.

And run the queen's day | spring breeze ten miles less than you!

On Women's Day, giving holiday gifts and blessings to female employees is the tradition of Herun Stone Industry and an important part of the company's humanistic care.

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