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Guiyang New Town·Xiyue Terrace

Xincheng·Xiyuetai project is located in Sanma District, Yunyan District, Guiyang, at the junction of Yunyan District and Guanshanhu District. As a new Chinese-style mansion of Xincheng Holdings, the project is flexibly laid out according to the mountainous situation, geographical environment and natural conditions, integrating the geographical environment, with various forms and endless changes. It adopts a central axis symmetrical layout in the large scene, which is consistent with the architecture. The echoes complement each other. Through the cultural core of Mr. Wang Yangming's "unity of knowledge and action", combined with the natural landform of "undulating hills and mountains" that built the city of Guiyang, the architectural design is endowed with the theme of "paying attention to the mountains and rivers, building a residence with culture". At the same time, this project adheres to the national style tradition and successfully creates the atmosphere of a new Chinese-style mansion through the clever use of Portuguese beige. It also fully reflects the respect and application of the natural environment and geographical features.


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