<p>Name: fossil wood</p> <p>Origin: Portugal</p> <p>Advantages: Like clouds and smoke, beige with a little bit of white, still natural infiltration of elegance, aesthetic still exist light natural flow, elegant and unique.</p> <p>Application: Mainly used in indoor and outdoor curtain wall, decoration, components, carving and other places.</p>

Name: desert windOrigin: PortugalAdvantages: The lines of the twill coarse line, like a storm in the desert, have the characteristics of environmental protection, no radiation, sound absorption, moisture absorption, natural color and so on.Application: suitable for senior clubs, landscape, background wall, cultural wall, with its unique style to lead the new trend of modern decoration.

<p>Name: Yunman beige</p> <p>Origin: Turkey</p> <p>Advantages: beige background, texture changes like clouds, good luminosity, good water absorption.</p> <p>Application: used in indoor floor, wall, sink, bathtub, deck, fireplace and other places.</p>

<p>Name: cloud Dora ash</p> <p>Origin: Turkey</p> <p>Advantages: gray as the bottom, with smart white, brown lines for embellishment, layered, rough and not messy, showing the beauty of atmospheric fashion, with a low-key luxury beauty.</p> <p>Application: Widely used in interior decoration, components, floors, walls, pillars, door covers, foot lines, wash basins and other places.</p>

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