<p>Name: Milan Mocha</p> <p>Origin: Italy</p> <p>Advantages: light yellow as the background color, the particle size is moderate, as a natural terrazzo, is not a re-engraved.</p> <p>Application: a wide range of applications, can be used in all kinds of panels, countertops, can also be used for bathroom background wall, interior and exterior walls, etc.</p>

<p>Name: Austin (Earl beige)</p> <p>Origin: Turkey</p> <p>Advantages: good material, stable surface, zero color difference, good oil, brightness can be polished to 100 degrees.</p> <p>Application: widely used in interior walls, stairs, ground, a large area of the effect is very good.</p>

<p>Name: white sand beige</p> <p>Origin: Turkey</p> <p>Advantages: moderate hardness, can be carved or shaped, with sound absorption, moisture-proof, cold insulation advantages, zero pollution.</p> <p>Application: Mainly used in indoor and outdoor curtain wall, decoration, components, carving and other places.</p>

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